Software for Bail Bond Professionals

Below is an overview of the advanced features found in Bond Pro.

Track Your Bonds

The complexity of writing bail bonds requires large amounts of data to be recorded, filed and tracked over time. Additionally, keeping track of your liability, revenue, court appearances, commissions, and sureties can be a daunting task. Bond Pro can free you from your filing cabinet.

SMS Text Messaging

Automatically send text messages to your client's cell phone for upcoming court appearances. Optionally, you can choose to also send these messages to your co-signers, and even your agents. Text messaging can also be configured to automatically notify your clients when payments are due.

Payment Plans

Tracking revenue is an important part of running a business. If you offer payment options to your clients, you can create payment plans whenever a positive balance exists on a bond. Bond Pro will track the account and ensure that your revenue doesn't fall through the cracks.

Customizable Forms

Select from the library of pre-configured default forms, or create an unlimited number of new forms that will be available when printing client information. The Forms Editor uses an extensive set of placeholders that can be inserted in various locations throughout your forms, which then automatically populate with client information when printed.

Flexible Reporting

Our Reporting Tool does not limit you to default, pre-configured report layouts. Although a default library of reports is included, you can easily create any number of additional, highly customised report templates.

Cloud Based

Business services are steadily moving to the Cloud. Web-based services offer numerous advantages to locally run applications. The list of advantages includes quick deployment, the ability to access services from various locations, automatic software upgrades, no software to maintain, and automated backup and recovery.


Whether you are backed by a surety or self insured , Bond Pro can accomodate you. The Powers Inventory allows you to use and maintain your powers. You'll be able to assign them individually or in groups to your agents, and commissions will be calculated automatically when powers are utilized.

Agent Commissions

Track and pay-out commissions to your agents effortlessly. Commission setting can be configured independently for each of your agents. Commissions can also be split between agents when desired. Commissions are calculated automatically when payments are posted to the system.

Customer Feedback

Bond Pro is under active development, and new features and modules are continuously being added. We take feedback from our customers very seriously, and welcome any and all suggestions. Custom modifications are also available upon request.

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